Shihan Abdul Zahoor Hashmi Branch Chief of Pakistan (International Kyokushin Organization Matsoshima Japan) and the Founder & President of Kyokushin Pakistan Federation.

KPF connected with International Karate Organization Japan. The founder of this organization being the late Susai Mas o Yama. The World Headquarter of Which is in Tokyo, Japan and the present Master is Kanchu Matsushima. Shihan Zahoor Hashmi from the platform of KPF working efficiently for the promotion of Japanese Kyokushin Karate since last 30 years.

KPF organizing National Kyokushin Championships since 1990 in Pakistan.

  • Excellency Nobuaki Tanaka the ambassador of Japan had graced the occasion in the National Championship of 2005 at Hamidi Hall, Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.
  • Excellency Hiroshi Oe the ambassador of Japan had graced the occasion in the National Championship of 2011 at Liaquat Gymnasium, Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.
  • Excellency Hiroshi Inomata the ambassador of Japan had graced the occasion in the National Championship of 2014 at Shahbaz Shareef Sports Complex, Rawalpindi.


The Shihan started his Karate Career from Shotokan (Karate Style), in 1984, at his ancestral District Jhelum under the supervision of Sir Iftikhar Ahmed student of Naveed Mehmood as a pupil. The journey with Iftikhar Ahmed was ended after four years. he left Shotokan and adopted a new style named as “Kyoukushin Kai Kan” in 1988, under the coaching of Raja Khalid. In 1990, due to some personal  affiliations and matters, Raja Khalid moved to America.Shihan Abdul Zahoor Hashmi than join Shihan Mahmood Ahmed. This was the time when the Shihan found his peace in Kyoukushin Karate. His countless efforts towards his passion came in the form of Black Belt 1st DAN in 1991 from Shihan Mahmood Ahmad.

2nd DAN in 1994 from Founder of Kyokushin Kai Kan Sosai Mas Oyama. Than he joins founder of Kyokushin in Pakistan Shihan Inam Ullah Khan and got 3rd DAN in 1996, 4th DAN in 2000 and 5th DAN in 2006 directly from Shihan Inaamullah Khan. When he was awarded a degree of Black Belt 5th DAN in 2006 from IKO Matsushima, Japan, only three to four persons were present in Pakistan holding the same degree.


Other than Shihan Inaamullah Khan, he got coaching from Kancho Mitsushima, Hanshi John Tayler, Shihan Peter Chong (Singapore), Shihan Fikuda (Japan), Shihan Suleman (Kuwait) and Shihan Henri (South Africa).


The Shihan made a record of supervising Karate as youngest Kyoukushin Karate Provisional Chief from 1996 to 2008. He officially became a fighter in 1987 till 1996. During his fighting career, he started acting as Karate Instructor for new students, which enabled him to participate in almost every Karate event at Division and District level along with Provincial, National and International level.

In 1992, he won a National Championship and earned gold medal in Islamabad.. In 1994, he got honored with a reward if “Youngest Provincial Karate Chief (Punjab).

He again got success in securing the gold medal for him in National Championship in 1996. In 1997, he received a title of “Best referee and Judge” and in 1998, he was awarded with the title of “Instructor of the Year”.

In 2006, National performance Award was awarded to the Shihan in PMCF and he was awarded with the “Outstanding Performance Award” in 2012 by PMCF International.

Shihan Zahoor Hashmi was the chief organizer of these national championships. He personally bear all expenditures of these championships for the betterment and promotion of healthy sports activity in Pakistan with the platform of Japanese Karate Kyokushin KAIKAN.


He participated in Dan Grading test at The 5th I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA WORLD OPEN KYOKUSHIN KARATE TOURNAMENT Japan,  and got Black belt 5th Dan.