Kyokushin (極真?) is a style of stand up, Fuul contact karate, founded in 1964 by Korean-Japanese Masutatsu Oyama ( Ōyama Masutatsu?). Kyokushin is Japanese for “the ultimate truth.” Kyokushin is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. Its full contact style has had international appeal (practitioners have over the last 40+ years numbered more than 12 million).


Founding of International Karate Organization / Kyokushinkaikan

After formally establishing the Kyokushinkaikan in 1964, Oyama directed the organization through a period of expansion. Oyama hand-picked instructors who displayed ability in marketing the style and gaining new members. Oyama would choose an instructor to open a new dojo. The instructor would move to that town and demonstrate his karate skills in public places. After that, word of mouth would spread through the local area until the dojo had a dedicated core of students. Oyama also sent instructors to other countries such as the  (Kenji Kurosaki), Australia (Shigeo Kato) and (Mamoru Kaneko), the, Shigeru Oyama and Yasuhiko Oyama), (Tatsuji Nakamura) and  (Seiji Isobe) to spread Kyokushin in the same way. Many students traveled to Japan to train with Oyama directly. In 1969, Oyama staged The First All-Japan Full Contact Karate Open Championshipsbecame the first champion. All-Japan Championships have been held at every year. In 1975, The First World Full Contact Karate Open Championships were held in Tokyo. World Championships have been held at four-yearly intervals since.


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